Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday 8/8

I am enjoying this week and playing 'catch up' since Madison is out of preschool until the end of August.

This morning Madison really liked using her new pointer stick to point out sight words on her caterpillar that we hung on the wall.

Then she used the pointer stick to point out sight words on her word wall.  I discovered the concept of a word wall on the 1+1+1=1 blog.  It was very easy to make!

Then she did her word search from You Can Read Unit 1.  We had tried this last week, but she didn't get the concept, so we redid it this week and she did GREAT!

She also worked on a firework picture with her lite brite.  She loves the lite brite and it provides excellent fine motor skills practice!
 Then she built her sight words with letters using a pocket chart.
Then we practiced counting and visually recognizing numbers through 29.  I found a great counting to 100 printable at The Moffatt Girls Printable under Math.  They are honey bees. :)

Then Madison traced the letter B and the number 3 with printable sheets I laminated from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  They are listed under K4.

Madison also did a circle the word that matches the picture sheet (not pictured) and a crack the sight word code page.  Both can be found in Ready2Read Unit 1

Then Madison played a game of Princess Memory with her sister.  We have at least 6 different types of memory games because it is her favorite and we play it every day.

Madison can do 24 piece puzzles rather easily and has for awhile so now to make them fun until she is able to independently do the 48 piece, she plays a game with daddy where they race to see who can get the puzzle done first. :)

We also read some stories out of her High Five Magazine.  I absolutely love that magazine and will keep getting it as well as Highlights when she's older.  And of course we read stories before nap and bedtime as well. 

I quizzed her on her number flashcards (just the teens) and she still doesn't have all of them down yet, so we're still working on it.

Madison definitely keeps us all busy! :)  I am glad I am getting the opportunity to spend more time working with her before preschool starts. :)

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