Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday 8/7

Today was a very productive day!  Madison woke up today ready to learn!  We are still working on You can Read Unit1 and Ready2Read Unit 1.  Don't mind her clothing, she decided to stay in jammies today. :)

She colored the apple tree with the -an and -at family words.
Then she did her word shapes sheet
Then she put the numbers in their puzzle slots from our Lauri Math Discovery Kit. and put them in order from 0-9.
She traced her sight words

And worked on a an Independent Early Learning Center bag I made where she matches Uppercase and Lowercase letters.  The Book for these bags can be found here.

Then we did a trace it/stamp it sheet.

I went ahead and let her start coloring her caterpillar for the next unit.  She absolutely loves that caterpillar! 
Then she did a read it, trace it, paste it sheet.

We also reviewed flash cards to visually learn the numbers 1-20.  She already knew 1-10 so we will be focusing on the teens and the double digits as well as counting actual objects.

I found a hand pointer at the Dollar Tree this past week and Madison LOVES it.  It is going to make things so much fun! :)

Tomorrow I will also include pictures of Madison's word wall as well as her caterpillar on the wall. :)

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